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James Avery: Music

Waste of Time

(James Avery)
July 31, 2010
Avery Communications
Waste of Time

What life is this so far from bliss
Abandoned to the street
With the clothes I have on my back
From strangers never seen

And those I need are not to be
Instead they’ve turned away
Despise reflected in their eyes
Always seemed to say
Waste of time, waste of time

Judgment’s cruel, if they only knew
I judge myself each day
To numb the pain of mounting shame
I need to steal away

But fight not found, so beaten down
Leaves a choice of drink or pill
A world of endless round and round
No change without the will
Waste of time, waste of time


Oh God, I’d maybe pray to you
If I thought you knew my name
Forgotten on these streets of hell
I’ll end each day in vain

With a soul that’s left in deep distress
No pride left to reclaim
Each day I wake to face this truth
This is who I am
Waste of time, waste of time

(May 3, 2010)