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James Avery: Music

Come of Age

(James Avery)
December 31, 2010
Avery Communications
In its wake the financial crisis of 2008 impacted many and raised the question for me of the creed "greed is good" in an unregulated (laissez-faire) market economy. A more comprehensive perspective leaves one thinking we really should not have been surprised as this crisis was but one in a series that will undoubtedly repeat itself in some form or another (again and again). To "Come of Age" in this respect is to realize this and to wake up to the present day state of affairs in the American (and by extension international) plutocracy. James Avery

The autumn of 2011 has witnessed the rise of a movement originating in New York (Wall Street district) as a protest to the prevailing political-economy (the plutocracy that favors the select interests of corporations and the wealthiest individuals over the greater good of the many). This "movement" is quickly spreading to other centres within N.A. (from New York to Chicago to Washington, to Boston, to San Francisco, to Austin, to Vancouver (Can.), et al.). 1,477 registered centers and growing, this date (Oct 13, 2011). This song "COME OF AGE" is a rallying call for those, who in becoming "awake" are "coming of age" . James Avery

Desperate times bring desperate ways, I’ve heard it said

This whole world is off the page, or so I’ve read

Beliefs you held once are now but shards of glass

Your future plans, well they’re fading fast

When all you thought you knew is tattered, torn and blue

You turn away and come of age.

Tomorrow’s dreams now set aside, they're taken away

The moral rage you can't hide won’t go away

The game had rules you thought you understood

They should have worked for all, the greater good

But now you face the truth “greed is good” is proof

A few will win when the game is in

You don’t bank on the takers of the Wall Street gang

You’ll just move a little closer to the welfare lines

For they’re counting on your money come their bonus time

Now turn the page.

Same for those who court your vote; they’re selling your dreams

Beholding to a different class, you’ll be holding beans

A right of passage waits for you if you’re open to the truth

Come away, come of age.

Stand too close to fire you’re bound to get burned

And all those clichés you have ever learned

They’re rolling over in your mind as echoes from behind, here today,

Come of age.

Come away, come of age.
Come away, come of age
Come of age.