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James Avery: Press

CD OF THE WEEK: James Avery's "Roots of Song"

"Just a little exposure to James Avery creates the impression that he is both ideolistic and optimistic. Admittedly, these two qualities often go hand in hand, but not always. On his ROOTS OF SONG, Avery is unguarded, free of cynicism and convincingly enthusiastic.

So there is no guile here but a strong sense of identity. Essentially this is roots rock (spot the Dylan influence) but also embraces 70's Westcoast pop (Best to Stay Away) and other forms to which he brings freshness. He is trending dangerously close to John Lee Hooker's Boom Boom on Ball and Chain though."
"History in the Making"
JANICE HENRY (Exec.Director) and DON KNOX (Pres.) of the CENTRAL OKANAGAN HERITAGE SOCIETY announce JAMES AVERY will perform an "unplugged" acoustic performance to commemerate the 120th anniversary of Benvoulin Church, Kelowna,B.C. (SAT Aug.25/2:30 P.M.)
"KELOWNA SINGER HITS THE PATIO SERIES, Insights Portrayed Through Folk Song"

Article dated Aug. 10, 2012 in advance of JAMES AVERY performance of Aug. 15 at the FESTIVAL PLAZA, Sherwood Park A.B.
"The 4th annual Okanagan Arts Awards were handed out last week at the Kelowna Community Theatre, during a gala showcase that featured theatre, dance, visual arts, literary arts and music, including a performance by Kelowna singer/songwriter James Avery. ..."
...One of the actors on stage is newcomer James Avery, who takes on the roles of singer Deuce Coupe, a jingle-singer, and Mayor Parkinson. Coincidentally Avery lives in the original family home of the real Dick Parkinson, who was Kelowna's mayor at the time of the bridge opening (1958).
Avery, who has three CD's of his own work, was convinced to try out for the play by neighbours who were aware of his stellar musical ability.
"I was lucky to get the spot in the show," Avery said. "It's a bit of a musical shift of me, doing other people's work" he said. "I'm a songwriter and singer so I'm comfortable with the singing, but its turning out to be a bit of a stretch on the acting side."...
"James, I thought "Legacy" was a great album, but you've outdone yourself with this new release (textures canadiana). The influences are unmistakable, the songs are instantly catchy, and I'm impressed with the talent you've assembled. I think you've got a hit here!"
Dan St. Yves - Entertainment/Calgary Herald (Feb 15, 2010)
"... Last week, Teresa and I were invited to a Kelowna Rockets hockey game not only go to watch a tremendous game but met several interesting folks. Among the guests was the talented and personable singer/songwriter James Avery. Though James and I had chatted on the phone, it was a first face-to-face and his demeanour is as pleasant as his singing. Three nights later, Teresa and I attended Avery's "textures canadiana" CD release at the Rotary Centre for the Arts and what a wise decision that was. Avery has a superb voice with a good range, decent diction, and a strong breathing style. His lyrical composition is wonderful and his song writing ability very impressive. Avery will undoubtedly garner a lot of attention locally and nationally for his latest CD. Good on you, James."... CHARLIE HODGE
Charlie Hodge - Kelowna Capital News (Jan 29, 2010)
(Day after mixing session at Stonehill Studio, Bowen Island, B.C.)
"...It seems that in the "heat of battle" the focus is completely on the session players so I should tell you, even the best players can't rescue a bad song - that these tracks sound so good is testament to your good writing. It's a great pleasure to work with your writing!
Tom Carter, Producer - Post Mixing Session (Apr 9, 2010)
"Great working with you. Love the song (Down to the River)."
Recorded John Lee Sanders on piano and background vocals April 2, 2010.
John Lee Sanders/(Long John Baldry, et al.) - Post Recording Session (Apr 5, 2010)